Saturday, September 29, 2007


did anybody hear the news!

it had been in the news that on the 28th of september 2007, a bearded man lead a group of men into jama masjid area. and did an open shootout. it is said the group had around ten people of different age group.

though the exact damages are yet unknown. but reliable sources have informed that al-jawahar hotel lost out on a major chunk of mutton curries and roties. even some significant portions of kebabs and keema had been missing from there.

local authorities are not ready to make any public statement on the matter as they themselves can't believe how could this gang trespass SLR's from right under their nose.

investigation is still going on. people say even a 5-6 years old boy was being trained by a tall man. the boy and his trainer along with a about to be bald man were last seen at the shahi tukda seller.

will keep on updating you on the case...

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