Sunday, September 30, 2007


bombay as a city is known for being stylish, "MUMBAIYA" - thats the word which gives us an imagery of style. whether it is the language or the movies or the way people dress up in the streets. where style doesn't mean obscenity.

yes. this mumbaiya flavour is all about style.

yesterday i spend a few hours roaming around the streets of bombay. trying out street-food, gossiping with the street vendors and enjoying the humid weather.

there is something stylish about everything in the city whether it is a brand new black mercedes or the tiger prints inside a yellow top fiat. the sense of style is so strong even in the typography on the back of the cabs. the moment you enter the airport the architecture, the interiors, the signage’s reek of style.

it is probably wrong to say that the style quotient travels top-down the social structure. in bombay there is no dilution about style even in the bottom of the social structure.

well i'm getting carried away with the cities S.Q.

what attracted me the most was when i was walking down the streets near the fort area. and looking at the goods being sold. everything seems to be so chic.

as was kept walking. my friend who was walking with me stopped to show me something. and for a delhi person who is awestruck by the bombay. even the minutest of the things become a memory to carry back home.

she was standing and admiring a fruit-sellers passion as he was decorating freshly cut fruits on the display. i won't say such things doesn't exist in delhi, but surely it doesn't make much of a difference to the bigger picture.

whereas in bombay all these little things contribute to greater cause.

the making of "MUMBAIYA" style.

though i didn't taste the fruits. but the man was happy to see me taking pictures of his stall. as he was so confident of his S.Q.

i salute him and many such style icons for making the of the word "MUMBAIYA".

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