Friday, September 28, 2007

myths turned into reality.

in the fourteenth century, one would have found them in the sultans court. loved and respected by the sultan and his courtiers.
i had read about them in the books, but always thought them to be ficticious charaters like the fiery dragons and the hobbits.
somewhere in a book last year i read that "keema samosas" are yet not extinct they are just endangered, you can spot them around the jama masjid (chandni chowk) at times in the evening.

in my past few visits i hadn't been so lucky to find one, asked a few people with no satisfactory answers.

finally today as i stepped out of jama masjid right outside the gate i could hear some shouting " कीमा समोसा पांच रूपए के दो " i could not beleive my years but as i followed the voice i had to believe my eyes.

yes! it is true sumptous samoosas stuffed with keema and dhaniya chutney are available outside jama masjid.

as i had my first bite of those samoosas only i know how myths turned into reality.

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Shireen said...

Dude... that looks great and really mouth watering!! btw - I get them frozen here.. Unfortunately the price of living abroad.. can't get fresh street food!! I miss the chaat paapdi's and the kabaabs and tandoori chicken!! Miss Moti Mahals butter chicken and Karim's delicious food!! Now you have got me into the mood for some goat curry... I am heading into kitchen now to make some :)