Saturday, September 29, 2007

Mr. Narayan

today i met Mr.Narayan somewhere around the fort area in bombay.

he is a master smoked toasted sandwiches maker.

the only problem is he's not being able to concentrate on his skill as the मुन्सीपालटी कि गाड़ी (municipal corporation) drops by anytime and forces him shut shop.

well he's passionate enough to fight against the odds as he's been doing for last 20 years.

standing on the road under the scorching sun, the humid weather. always dedicated to his cause Mr. Narayan is treating the people of bombay to his spicy multi layered smoked sandwiches. layers of cucumber-tomatoes-butter (मस्का ) - chutney - potatoes goes inbetween slices of breads before he puts it into the ancient toaster with his own hands to be smoked on charcoal. once it is golden brown in colour he delicately puts the sandwich on a piece of freshly torn newspaper. cuts the sandwich into six unequal pieces and tops it with ketchup and sev (सेव). once he is satisfied with his creation, he will present it to his ever hungry customers with a proud smile.

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