Saturday, September 11, 2010

eureka eureka

that's the exact feeling one gets after drinking the first sip of "cona coffee with cream" at the United Coffee House.

thanks to my friend ankur suman, i'm sure he knew that i will find this concoction amusing enough when he first took me to this restaurant in connaught place with an old world charm. anybody who wants to walk back a couple of decades to experience delhi, just walk in to the United Coffee House. the chandelier, the upholstery, the decor everything is well preserved from the last generation.

now about "cona coffee with cream" well it seems like it had been prepared by a scientist and not a chef. the waiter walked to my table with a "volumetric flask" fixed on a "ring stand", and in the volumetric flask is a dark coloured potion made out of these magic beans after being roasted and ground. he gently pours the potion into the a white cup which had already been placed on the table. and now one needs to be careful the potion starts acting on your senses, it's smell may already start intoxicating you. there maybe sudden urge to pick the cup and bring it towards your lips. but the waiter is in complete control, he does not let you touch it. instead he picks one of the polished silverware and starts pouring rich cream into the cup. while he is engrossed in the act of pouring the cream his eyes are in contact with your to get the hint when you want him to stop. after this you are left all by yourself to indulge in the moment, but just before leaving he slides the sugar cubes towards you. also you may find another silverware with hot milk in it (which in my suggestion should be avoided, the name says "cream" so stick to it do not dilute the magic).

now it's turn for you to pick the cup an enjoy a creamy but robust cup of coffee. soon the cup will be empty but the effect remains on you for a while.


Ankur said...

Thanks a lot for mentioning my name. You know there is something very special about that place because a lot of younger people, when introduced to UCH, develop a liking for it.

sudip33 said...

@ ankur this gonna be your claim to fame. "young people" you mean me thanks thanks.