Monday, April 13, 2009

ghost rider

saturday morning I decided to go. woke up a friend at 6 o'clock. He reached my home by 9 o'clock by 9:15 we were on the road. Took the highway i.e. NH8 till daruhera from there took a left for alwar crossed alwar. after alwar we stopped at a dhaba for our brunch of rotis, daal, and gatte ki sabzi. the daal and the gatte ki subzi both where heavy on spice and chilli thats the way it is in rajasthan, you always need spices to make your mouth water in the dry region like this. after the brunch we were standing at turning point and as always in life we had two choices the easy and shorter one and the not so easy and longer one. like heroes we chose the longer one which seemed to be more exciting as it was a drive through sariska. as we drove we met some nilgais, cheetals (spotted deers) and sambhars. not to forget loads of peacocks, peahens, langoors and other breeds of monkeys. as luck was on our side we could get some close look at the deers.

soon we where out of sariska after a nice jungli drive. another 40kms or so to bhangarh. where you can see ancient row houses with wide roads. Just that no one lives there unlike gurgaon.

the legend says bhangarh is spooky, there is a long story attached to the same but i'm not too sure. couldn't see one. none the less if ghosts exist this would be a perfect place for them to stay.

no humans to disturb their after life stay. the place is almost like a resort for the spooky types. got a nice old mossy kund like a luxuruies hamam for the spooky ones. surely the spooky ones don't get allergic or skin disease. loads of langoors for them to keep entertain, they don't need cineplexes i think. no clue what they eat probably nothing. nice rows of houses for a pleasurable stay.

though the houses don't have roofs, but who cares. we may but they prefer roofless houses i guess. The road with the roofless row houses leads to a temple and the palace. Infact there are two temples in the complex. One can walk all the way to the top of the palace.

We decided to turn back midway, i wasn't carrying my asthalin and didn't want to take chances with my breathing problems as i was already huffing and puffing by merely half the climb. the palace was deserted like everything else. as we could not see the inhabitants with our naked eyes. it takes special power to see them. the mandir was a nice find, some locals where having a lunch party.

people where sitting in rows and having subzi-pooris being cooked just outside the temple. i think this is the right purpose the temple to be a community centre.

right outside this temple was the kund with the mossy water.

probably people think it to be some sacred water as they where taking dip into it. behind the temple where the big kewda trees for some reason their was a sign outside the complex warning people against tinkering around with the trees. they are really big but i'm not too sure how old they are.

maybe a few centuries old. or maybe the ghost hang on to the branches of the trees in the night. soon we where out of bhangarh and on our way to ajaibgarg or ajabgarh. as the name suggests even this place had a garh (fort). we drove through the ghost town of ajaibgarh. Leaving the fort of ajaibgarh on our left.

took some pictures of the town which had houses on both the sides of the road but all of them were locked from outside, and mostly seemed to be out of use for a longtime how long i'm not to sure about. from

there the road took us to pratapgarh. a short tea break and photosesion at pratapgarh

and back to NH-8 near shahpura. just before hitting the highway we stopped at a dhaba to have allo parathas. And back home by 10 o'clock for dinner.
just hoping i hadn't been carrying one of the ghost in car... who knows whats in store.


Chef said...

The legend goes that whenever someone inhabited one of those houses in bhangarh the roof fell on their heads.... explaining why there are no roofs...
Well hopefully u dint give a free ride to any of those wandering spirits all the way to gurgaon...
Anyway i'm sure if u did they would be enjoyin the malls here...

sudip33 said...

luckier still that there wher no roofs left to fall on my bald head.

Abhishek said...

very nice dada.

Abhishek said...
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