Monday, December 3, 2007

honeymoon lodge

often we keep looking for a place away from the hustle and bustle of the city to enjoy our honeymoon. well its been the same through centuries. the only difference is the place which would have been away from the city in the yesteryears is actually one of the most bustling place of today.
yesterday i came a across one such place, we can call it a honeymooners paradise. in the middle of wilderness, a lodge at a walking distance from a boat house. from the river jamuna the honeymooners would have cruised in a boat uptill the boathouse from there taken a short walk past Quli Khan's tomb and reached the Gateway Guest House. built during the lodi's and renovated as a guest house by Charles Metcalf during his stay in Delhi residency.

even today one can see the fireplace in the living room to keep the guests warm in a cold winter night (must have been really romantic). a terrace with a beautiful view of the Qutab Minar. a large room inside probably the bedroom. on the backyard a large hamam/ bath, a bath as big as a swimming pool. one can walk down it's steps even today just that it lies dry nowadays. what else could one have dreamt of as a better way to spend the honeymoon.

hard to believe it's at a distance of a few minutes walk from the mehrauli-gurgaon road inside the mehrauli archaeological park.

if you are that side of the town must visit "Gateway Guest House" the luxury of the past, surely it will inspire to go for second honeymoon.

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