Saturday, October 13, 2007

cafe boom boom the fifth.

hard to believe and equally hard to forget once you been there. couldn't have believed to see a cafe with such a name. somewhere hanging inbetween dharamshala and mcleodgunj is this pretty little cafe.

sitting on the irregularly placed cushions in balcony you actually feel as if you're hanging in mid-air. the fluffy low lying clouds outside the cafe perfectly compliments the colourfull curtains inside to create a dreamlike setting. actually the randomness of the furniture is what gives character to the place. though the randomness by no means is just by chance, someone have thought it through to give the desired look.

the heavy wooden furniture, the music, some old sepia pictures and posters are all so beautiful till she walks in. her presence overshadows all the other colours of the cafe. who knows what an australian lady is doing in dharamshala, someone who have mastered dramatic skills along with her culinary skills. she is such a brilliant combination of skills. and that’s exactly what the cafĂ© reflects. great food and dramatic ambience.

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